saat kelahiran anak pertama perasaan kita super excited, jika bayi tidak kekurangan bilirubin makan bisa rawat di kamar karena akan di berikan asi eksklusive

hal pertama yang kita pelajari adalah cara bedong bayi

  1. Make sure to have a large (at least 44 X 44 inch) square blanket.
  2. Place the blanket diagonally with the top corner folded down towards you.
  3. Place the baby on their back slightly off-centered to your left.
  4. Take the bottom corner and go across the chest, tucking the corner around the waist toward the back.
  5. Pull the blanket snug.

  6. Go 4 inches from the baby’s left shoulder and fold over onto the chest making a “V”.
  7. Place your palm on the “V” and grab the corner that is to your right, pull up and over your wrist that is on the “V”
  8. This becomes your “belt”, wrap around the baby at the elbow level and make sure it is snug.
  9. Tuck that corner into the pocket that lays on the baby’s chest.
  10. Finished.


  • Remember that if your newborn is not swaddled correctly, he or she will be fussy (and not sleep!). The swaddle has to be snug so that your baby does not try to get out. On the other hand, you don’t want to go too tight! It is very important to swaddle these little ones in a way that allows movement of the hip joints to avoid hip problems

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