*wifi booster
WiFi Booster is a tweak for the Settings app that enhances the Wi-Fi networks list to display all networks in range by removing the signal level limit.

This allows you to connect to as many networks as a WiFi scanning app would see, e.g. WiFiFoFum, directly in the Settings app. Sometimes the number of networks available is increased by over 100%!

The network list item has also been enhanced to show the BSSID (AP MAC address) and RSSI (signal level) for each network.

No new icons are added to your homescreen. Enhancements are for the Settings app’s Wi-Fi Network list.

*WeeKillBackground Pro for iPhone
Close all running apps from Notification Center. A single tap closes all apps that are running in background and removes them from the app switcher, saving RAM and possibly battery life. Also you won’t need to manually remove every app by tapping the red minus on every icon.

WeeKillBackground speeds up using your device and makes clearing the switcher easier than ever! Closing all apps isn’t the only feature, heres a list of the main features:
– Add apps to except from closing
– Customize the button label text, font, color and size
– Fully customizable background with custom image
– Dismiss NotificationCenter when finished closing apps
– Close the apps when the NotificationCenter has appeared/disappeared
– Close Apps every X minutes (adjustable from 0.5 to 120 minutes)
– Full iPad support
– & more!

Enhance native folders in iOS!

iOS 4 brought with it the ability to put apps and bookmarks into folders.
Unfortunately, the implementation is quite limited.
FolderEnhancer takes this feature and improves upon it,
making it a viable solution for organizing and accessing your apps.

The ultimate iPhone cleaning app! It removes unnecessary files from your device. Launch it from the springboard to cleanup, or from any terminal app for more info, functions and settings configuration. Command: “iCleaner” (you must be root to run it). For a detailed explaination of how it works, please use the built-in “More Info” function (terminal only) or visit Developer’s Page link further below

The only Ringtone App you will ever need! UnlimTones now lets you make custom ringtones and sms tones from your iPod-DRM FREE-music and puts them directly into your settings.

Everyone Loves Ringtones but paying upwards of $5 for a 30 second music clip is a drag. With this app you can download ringtones straight from Audiko.net into your ringtones folder so you no longer have to download ringtones separately through cydia or pay for them.

To Download Ringtones simply click on the Ringtone you want and click the Green Preview Button and the Ringtone will start to download.